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VOIP Development

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VOIP Development

VOIP Development

Do you have a VOIP software idea? Need a team to maintain an existing VOIP application? Linkgard is a leader in VOIP development . Whether your requirement is to ensure PBX integration with your existing enterprise architecture or to develop a stand-alone VOIP software product such as a custom Asterisk channel, LinkGard’s software development services can help you achieve your VOIP development goals. Our vast experience includes working with SIPRTPH323,IAXSkype APISkypeKit, and SCCP protocols.

Integration of VOIP with Enterprise Applications

More and more enterprises are adopting VOIP software as part of their communications platform.  VOIP integration with enterprise applications can bring significant improvements. Organizations can dramatically reduce their telephony costs. Furthermore, PBX integration will allow organizations to harness the power of customized software in order to deliver additional business value. Whether it is integrating VOIP into your existing enterprise applications or designing VOIP capabilities for a new enterprise solution, we can help you get it done with our outsourcing services. If you have a custom enterprise application that could benefit from this integration, contact our representatives.

Enterprise Content Management of Audio and Video

Managing enterprise voice content is the next frontier in the field of Enterprise Content Management (ECM).  Today, various business applications such as call center quality control, airport security, and enterprise voice services have made the concept of storing audio and video communications for business purposes a reality. Additionally, there are an increasing number of rules and regulations requiring organizations to archive voice content. Making this information easily manageable from an information lifecycle management (ILM) perspective can be complex. We can help extend your information lifecycle management program to cover voice and video with our software solutions. We have experience with some of the most popular ECM vendors including EMC, Autonomy, and IBM.

Asterisk Customization

Do you have a need for a custom module or an application within Asterisk? Would you like to integrate Asterisk with your existing legacy VOIP and non-VOIP systems? Do you need to fix a bug in Asterisk that is not currently a priority with Asterisk developers? Whatever your Asterisk needs, you can count on us to make it a reality with our advanced software engineering services.

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