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Microsoft-based .NET technologies are an enticing option for organizations looking for a cheap, quick and easy product to deploy through outsourcing. LinkGard–recognized as a reliable, trusted software development firm–has years of industry-proven experience with Microsoft .NET (Dot Net) technologies. We have used our strong ASP NET application development capabilities to deploy .NET in some of the leading Fortune 500 enterprises.

LinkGard has successfully used its C# development skills and Microsoft NET application development in some of the following settings:

  • Enterprise archiving solution processing more than 1 million e-mail messages per day, coordinated over 12 geographic zones.
  • E-mail migration and archiving solution, migrating up to 50TB of legacy archives to a new archiving platform, while maintaining chain-of-custody by using cryptographic hashing to uniquely identify and account for migrated assets.
  • Developing reporting NET frameworks using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for extremely large databases, containing hundreds of millions of rows.

.NET technologies bring new software programing paradigms to the mainstream world. They build on decades of experience and know-how in designing, programming, integrating and deploying multi-tier software solutions. Besides the new languages that .NET supports, there is a full-fledged standard framework and library that reduces the amount of wheels invented, as it were.

Microsoft invested heavily in integration and legacy systems support when designing .NET, and that can be seen through its support for Windows technologies, COM, C++ and a host of other “legacy” technologies. LinkGard builds on top of .NET with its Microsoft programming services with the clever design of multi-tier, enterprise-grade solutions that utilize Windows Services, COM technologies, SQL Database, XML and WebServices.
For more demanding solutions, LinkGard engineers utilize multiple languages and software development platform technologies to achieve the deployment, performance and business goals. Through the .NET CLR (Common Language Runtime) and its bridging with Windows DLLs and plain C++ and C++/CLR (the managed version of the C++ language), COM and C#, hybrid customized softwaresolutions are created to span state-of-the-art systems and technologies to deliver enterprise-grade, mission-critical solutions to Fortune-500 companies.
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