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Exchange Development and Outlook Development

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Microsoft Exchange is one of the most popular e-mail platforms currently in use. With more than 70 percent of organizational knowledge residing in e-mail, Exchange development and integration of e-mail with other business processes is critical in order to increase business productivity. Although Microsoft development technologies for Exchange development have evolved radically over the years, we will help you chose the right technology for your project. Outlook development is a key component of our services. Below you will find a different array of technologies available for development based for MS Exchange and Outlook.

MAPI Development

One of the older but still popular Microsoft development technologies is the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI). When working with Exchange, MAPI is a must-have skill-set. While Microsoft has developed a variety of ways to work with MAPI, many of them have been deprecated, and as of this writing, when writing customized software with MAPI, C++ is the most appropriate choice due to issues with Microsoft support.

The LinkGard development team is well versed in MAPI and C++. Many software development firms today tend to avoid MAPI C++ due to its complexity and the availability of .NET.  While our staff is also equally proficient in .NET, we always choose the right tool for the job, and in many cases MAPI C++ is the correct choice.

CDO and Exchange Webdav Development

Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) is an application programming interface (API) that was intended to be a simplified substitute for MAPI. While this product is no longer actively distributed by Microsoft and in some cases not supported at all, there is still software written using CDO that require maintenance. LinkGard can be your partner software development firm in implementing any CDO-related task.

Exchange Webdav is another API developed by Microsoft to support Exchange development. Implemented over the Webdav protocol, the API provides a language-neutral framework for interacting with Microsoft Exchange. Unfortunately, Webdav is also currently being de-emphasized by Microsoft. LinkGard’s expert teams have successfully supported customers in keeping their existing customized software written with Exchange Webdav or helped them migrate away from Webdav .

Exchange Web Services Development

With Microsoft Exchange 2007, a new API is available for programming with Microsoft ExchangeExchange Web Services is a language independent and a more accessible API. This technology will soon replace Webdav and other deprecated APIs for Exchange development.

Outlook Development

The Outlook Object Model makes available yet another Microsoft API for working with e-mail, specifically the MS Outlook e-mail client software. We have proven experience in developing plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook using the Outlook Object Model.

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