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Security Assessment

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How well do you comply with your organization’s security policies and procedures or international standards? We have a variety of network security design assessment services crafted to provide you with the best possible answer. Whether the goal is to discover network vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your IT security policy, LinkGard has just the right tools and the right professionals to do the job. Our expertise, procedures and methodologies, which have been formulated and tweaked through decades of hand-onexperience, will give you an accurate assessment of your organizational security.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Our Network Vulnerability Assessment service provides you with a full yet affordable overview of your network and the potential threats. The job of our IT security analyst is not only to discover vulnerabilities but to make sure that you understand our findings and how they may impact your organization. After our engagement you will receive a professional information security assessment report that documents our findings. Then we will present a detailed step-by-step plan for removing vulnerabilities. Furthermore, we will conduct a teleconference-based presentation of the report.

Routine Network Vulnerability Assessment

When you purchase this service, our experts will scan your network at regular intervals (we recommend bimonthly or monthly) and will provide regular IT security assessment reports and briefings of the results. This service enables you to concentrate on your business, while we concentrate on keeping you secure.

Security Program Review

Having a comprehensive grasp of your data center security program can be a real challenge. An independent review of your organization’s security program can help you recognize and improve your security posture and help you develop a security policy template. Our Security Program Review covers the following areas: information security policy, security organization, asset classification and control, personnel security, physical and environmental security, computer and network management, system access control, systems development and maintenance, business continuity, and compliance. Our procedures follow international standards such ISO 17799 (BS 7799-1) and are complemented by internal procedures designed to fill the missing gaps.

Wireless Vulnerability Assessment

Organizations are increasingly relying on the convenience of wireless technologies to solve business needs. The same factors that make wireless quick and easy to deploy may also expose your organization to unacceptable levels of risk. We work with our clients to minimize the risk of unauthorized access and theft of data through the wireless infrastructure. Our assessment also includes an intrusion detection security scan to locate unauthorized (rogue) wireless devices on your network.

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