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Managed Security

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Are your systems under a constant and vigilant watch? Do you routinely check your log files for signs of tampering? How often do you update your Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) signatures and is your IDS system really up to par with modern threats?

For any organization, the constant integrity of their data and operations is of utmost importance, yet the practice of securing systems and keeping them secure is one of the toughest tasks in managing an information system. LinkGard provides a collection of network design services to ensure a safe and operational network and continuously verified data integrity. Each one of our managed services has been carefully designed to be applied to a variety of environments. Flexibility is our design goal, by selecting the best data center security solution, without a bias towards a particular vendor. Whether it is incident response, forensics, or litigation support, LinkGard has some of the best professionals on your side. Our managed network security design services include:

Managed Firewall and VPN

Looking for an IT security analyst to make sense of the overall data security policy and other security rules in your network? When you purchase our Managed Firewall service, we will translate all your security requirements into coherent firewall rules. We will take care of everything from installation and management to monitoring of your firewall devices. Through our management interface, you may also view and download your current policy and firewall logs. Dealing with firewalls is easy and efficient with LinkGard MFS on your arsenal.

Perimeter Security Monitoring

Following an initial external Network Vulnerability Assessment and development of a proper perimeter system baseline, LinkGard can conduct regular external checks of your network to determine any divergence from the baseline. Reports and teleconferences conducted regularly via our information security assessment will provide the necessary feedback to ensure that your network is protected.

Intrusion Detection/Prevention Service (IDS)

We provide a modern and flexible IDS security management system which allows our professionals to monitor your network around-the-clock and while allowing you to view security alerts and respond to security related issues electronically, minimizing the response time. In case of a security event, our responders conduct a thorough investigation, only establishing contact with you if there is a genuine need.

Incident Response

LinkGard employs some of the most talented and experienced computer crime investigators in the field. All of our response security experts have CISSP certification, one of the most prominent internationally recognized certifications. Our team of responders is available to you 24×7 and they will solve all your incident response needs, whether the need is a containment after an incident or a detailed forensics analysis or digital discovery to support your litigation efforts. We’ll get it done right!

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