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LinkGard Systems has a robust offering of network security design services. We have a fundamental awareness that security is a process; Our core approach on providing security is based on an understanding that security requires constant feedback, improvement and is at the mercy of an ever-changing environment and varying attack vectors. LinkGard’s services address each critical portion of your security program.

Whether performing an audit of your IT security policy, designing a network that is secure, or responding to an emergency situation, LinkGard’s PIMA (Planning, Implementation, Managing, and Auditing) approach covers the full extent of your security needs with a wide range of offerings in system security services. Each service is designed to meet a specific component of the clients’ security program. We help our customers develop award-winning software. Whether this software is developed for custom use or marketed as a retail product, our internationally qualified consultants will help you develop, launch and maintain your proprietary product.  By choosing LinkGard, you are setting your organization on a safe course, toward improved IT security, with a solid network design architecture solution.

Our network design services — managed by CISSP certified professionals — will ensure that your organization is always prepared to meet any security challenge.

Planning & Implementation Services

Based on years of experience, LinkGard has developed its own in-house methodologies, software, and techniques. Consequently, our experts can help you design information security programs and craft the right security policy for your organization, doing it right the first time.  Read More

Assessment Services

How well do your organizational processes comply with your organization’s policies? Let LinkGard find out through its network vulnerability assessment services. We have a variety of services crafted to provide you with the best possible answer. Whether the goal is to discover network vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your security policy, LinkGard has just the right tools and the right professionals to do the job right, the first time.
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Managed Security Services

  • Are your systems under a constant and vigilant watch?
  • Do you routinely check your log files for signs of tampering?
  • How often are your IDS signatures updated? And is your IDS system really up to par with modern threats?

For any organization, the constant integrity of their data and operations is of utmost importance, yet the practice of securing systems and keeping them secure is one of the toughest tasks in managing an information system. Response security is absolutely essential.

LinkGard Systems has a collection of outsourcing services that monitor your system, ensuring a safe and operational network and continuously verified data integrity. This enables you to save money by having state-of-the-art protection without hiring extra staff.  Read More

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