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Google Apps Migration

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A key part of the decision to move to Google Apps hinges on whether legacy data can be safely and securely transferred. Linkgard’s proprietary migration methodologies and processes, developed through years of experience and fine-tuning, ensure that your data, including emails, calendar items, shared files will be securely migrated to the cloud. With hundreds of terabytes of data migrated, we have the unique qualifications and experience to tackle your challenge.

Our Google Apps Data Migration Offerings

Microsoft Exchange to Gmail

Microsoft Exchange

Google Apps presents a radical shift from traditional on-premise solutions such as Microsoft Exchange. Customers no longer have to worry about patching, security issues and major version upgrades. Data is always backed-up and customers can rest assured that they own and control their data. Moving to MS Exchange requires a lot of careful consideration. Our experts are aware of all the nuances of migrating from Exchange to Google Apps and can help ensure the migration outcomes will truly be aligned with the customer’s expectations.

Office 365 to Gmail Migration

Office 365 Logo

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based communication and collaboration solution, offering the web-based versions of its MS Office and Outlook brands. Ensuring an accurate and speedy migration from Office 365 is no easy task. Let Linkgard show you how to achieve the maximum performance and get you to the cloud quicker.

Lotus Notes to Gmail

Lotus Notes/Domino customers have unique requirements that need to be taken in account in order to ensure a successful migration. Our experts are not only keenly aware of these requirements but also possess advanced skills such as developing Lotus Notes applications.

Windows Fileshare to Google Drive

Google Drive Logo

When adopting Google Apps customer need to consider what to do with local file servers. While maintaining them is one option, migrating files to Google Apps will further reduce costs of expensive data backup and disaster recovery solutions. Your files will be synchronously backed-up to off-site locations and available anywhere and on any device. Linkgard’s proprietary tools for Google Drive migrations give us significant advantage over the competition in performance and fidelity of data.

Linkgard is not only an expert in migration services, we also have developed our very own software solution, Nava Certus, to help accomplish such migrations.

Other Migration Options

For custom requirements or migrations types not listed above feel free to contact us and we will investigate a possible solution for your needs. Even if a solution doesn’t exist for your requirements today, our team of software developers stands ready to enable even the most challenging migration scenario. Click on the “Request Quote” button below to get in touch with us.
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Customer Testimonials:

Linkgard provided excellent customer service for our non profit email migration. They are very knowledgable and have a systematic approach on how to carry out the migration smoothly. I really appreciate how Linkgard went beyond the scope of the project to answer my questions when needed. I’ll definitely use them again for a future project.

– Kerri Salazar
Operations Manager

LinkGard recommended and helped us transition to Google Apps. Their professional and expert service allowed our migration to happen almost flawlessly and without any major downtime. Would highly recommend this Google Apps reseller.

– K. M.

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