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Google Apps is a rapidly growing and evolving platform used by increasingly more organizations worldwide. We, at LinkGard, understand that every organization is unique and new customers may require additional help evaluating Google Apps and determining the steps involved for successful implementation. For existing customers, new features and updates are announced and rolled out on a regular basis, requiring no effort from the customer. Yet, some users may find it challenging to adopt to new features and keeping pace with the innovation. For these organizations and users, we offer our ongoing training, webinars and consulting services intended to help users maximize Google Apps efficiency, effectiveness, and overall experience.

Some questions that we frequently field from customers, include:

  • Do we need to turn on this new service that Google just added? What are the risks and benefits?
  • Are we using a currently enabled service to the full potential at our organization?
  • What are the latest updates from Google and how will they impact our user base?
  • How should we communicate and keep awareness high with users? What types of communication would be counter-productive or inefficient?

Services Offered

Initial Business Need Evaluation

Google Apps Update Overview

Monthly 'What's New' User-oriented Webinars

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