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Deployment and Setup

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Google Apps was designed to be easy to use and administer. However, just because an experienced admin is able to effortlessly set it up doesn’t meant that the business has the time or resources to achieve a flawless deployment. The right option for many businesses is to outsource these tasks. Whether your setup is standard or you have complex requirements, Linkgard is able to plan and execute your Google Apps deployment end-to-end.


  • Initial technology assessment
  • Basic account and user setup
  • Setup DNS settings and MX records to get email flowing through Google Apps
  • Email dual delivery setup, to allow your clients to have a smooth transition from the old email system to Google Apps
  • Training your administrator on managing the Google Apps Account

Basic deployment usually takes 30 days and is recommended for companies with less than 500 employees.

Google Apps Deployment - Advanced

  • Proof of concept, pilot planning and execution
  • Email, Document, Spreadsheets, Calendar migration services
  • Customized or off-the-shelf single sign-on solutions, including LDAP and Active Directory integration
  • Customized reporting dashboards
  • Email gateway integration, advanced mail routing

Advanced deployment usually takes 90 days and is recommended for larger companies or companies with complex requirements.

Other services

  • Domain account setup: DNS records management; control panel settings; User & groups; management, Google Apps Directory Sync
  • Dual-delivery & split-delivery mail routing
  • Data migration: Mail: IMAP (server-pull) & user-based tools; Contacts & Calendar: admin & user-based tools, including 3rd party; Docs: user-based docs import, 3rd party tools
  • Mobile & desktop client access & synchronization: Various options for Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android; Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Talk; IMAP, BES, J2ME Apps, browser Apps, Google Sync, 3rd party tools
  • Calendar coexistence with MS Exchange
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