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Change Management

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Migrating to Google Apps is more than just enabling new technology; Careful attention must be given to people and processes, ensuring the organization, as a whole, can make use of the new technology as effectively (if not more effectively) than before.

Typically, the following change management activities are performed during a Google Apps deployment:

  • Change-Management “kick-off ” Meeting: An introductory meeting outlying  the Change-Management Process and involving all participants in the change management workflow
  • Change-Management Planning: During Change-Management Planning Phase, our team develops a change management plan including all the proposed organizational readiness, communication and training to be deployed.
  • Preparation: During the Preparation Phase, the change management team prepares the organization for the deployment.
  • Execution: This stage is the actual implementation of the Change-Management Plan, including execution of activities designed to ensure organizational readiness, communication, and training.
  • Maintenance: After the organization has been switched to Google Apps, the focus will shift to maintaining the continued delivery of timely and effective communications and sorting out ongoing training, if necessary.

Change-Management activities vary based on an organization’s unique characteristics and size. Our team will tailor a  Change Management Plan ideal for your organization and ensure its fulfillment.

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