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Guidance and Change Management

Google Apps is a rapidly growing and evolving platform used by increasingly more organizations worldwide. We, at LinkGard, understand that every organization is unique and new customers may require additional help evaluating Google Apps and determining the steps involved for successful implementation. For existing customers, new features and updates are announced and rolled out on a regular basis, requiring no effort from the customer. Yet, some users may find it challenging to adopt to new features and keeping pace with the innovation. For these organizations and users, we offer our ongoing training, webinars and consulting services intended to help users maximize Google Apps efficiency, effectiveness, and overall experience.   Read More

Setup and Deployment

Google Apps is easy to deploy.  However, just because an experienced admin is able to effortlessly set it up doesn’t meant that the business has the time or resources to achieve a flawless deployment. The right option for many businesses is to outsource these tasks. Whether your setup is standard or you have complex requirements, Linkgard is able to plan and execute your Google Apps deployment end-to-end.
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Data Migration

A critical task in any Google Apps implementation is the migration of legacy data, which is often a requirement. You can count on Linkgard’s consultants to move your data safely and securely.
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Most organizations adopting Google Apps come from different technologies and services. Employees are usually not accustomed to the “100% web” work methodology. IT management may have incorrect expectations about “patching” and testing new releases. Thus, we offer several forms of training custom-tailored for users based on job function and level of expertise.
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Vault admins have had the ability to put an entire user account on hold to preserve messages in that account. Next week we will roll out a new feature that will allow admins to also have the option to target specific messages-for example, by date or with certain terms-for indefinite preservation in Vault.

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