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Case Studies: Software Development

Classlink Inquiry

ClassLink Inquiry™ Architecture and Data Collection Optimization

Customizable, real-time software and hardware utilization reports for schools and other educational institutions. Features included:
  • Data collection from many different hosts/browsers.
  • Multiple technologies, including: NET, PHP, and C++.
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Universal Content Store - Architectural Diagram

Enterprise Content Store

Enterprise e-communications classification and archiving software. Features included:
  • Robust scalability.
  • Multiple technologies, including: J2EE, .NET, and C++.
  • Designed to process millions of messages per-day.
  • Integrates with email archiving vendors such as EMC and Symantec.
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AMX-based Energy Management System

AMX energy management applet

Development of an energy-management applet for AMX devices. Features included:
  • User interface design.
  • Applet development using Netlinx programming language.
  • Software could be installed on multiple touch panels in a single home.
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