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Google Apps Audit Logs

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Google Apps Admin Audit Logs

If your organization is using Google Apps, then you can leverage Nava SIEM Agent to improve the security of your cloud apps. Simply configure the product to regularly synchronize your Google logs with your existing or planned SIEM solution.

As detailed in a blog post, there are multiple good reasons why you should think about Google Audit logs. Whether you’d like to ensure the integrity of your cloud environment, retain logs for log term periods, view and analyze the logs in a single location, or correlate Google Apps events with other sources of security information, Nava SIEM Agent is the right tool for you.

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Comply with log retention regulations and policies, even while making full use of Google Apps and the cloud.
Intrusion Detection

Configure advanced correlation rules in your SIEM that detect Google Apps Intrusions such as suspicious logins or administrative changes.
Google Apps Forensics

Conduct forensics related to Google Apps in once place, in your SIEM environment.
Log Retention

Google Apps retains its audit logs for only 180 days. Enable the archival and retention of logs for as long as your policies require.
Google Admin Logs

The Google Admin events contain information on any change made to Google Apps settings, including creation of new users and changing of passwords.
Google Docs Logs

Google Docs audit logs contain information such as which users created, edited, and viewed documents and include the time and ip address of the event.

Google Apps Admin Activities

All 17 different types of administrative actions currently available are supported by Nava SIEM Agent:


The events above contain a wealth of information that is important for any organization tracking security risks. All of the admin events above include a Google Apps username and the IP address from which the action was performed.

Google Docs Activity Events

Google Apps – Google Docs Activity

The Google Docs activities include events such as viewing a Google Document or editing one. The logs contain valuable information on the source IP of the event, the user performing the activity, and the unique ID of the Google Document being modified/accessed.

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