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Nava SIEM Agent – Cloud Audit Logs

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Liberate your cloud audit logs

Nava SIEM Agent
Nava SIEM Agent by Nava Solutions that enables any company to aggregate their cloud-based service provider logs and send the logs to a Syslog, log-management and/or SIEM service for further processing, enabling compliance, log analysis, intrusion detection, and/or efficient forensics. With Nava SIEM Agent, you will be able to ingest your cloud audit logs into your favorite SIEM or log management solution.

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Google Apps Admin events, Google Docs events, and Google Apps login events.

Nava SIEM Agent currently supports Google Apps login, Google Apps Admin, and Google Docs Activity logs. Google Apps login events indicate every successful and unsuccessful login to your Google Apps web interface. Google Apps Admin logs record actions performed by the Google Apps administrator, such as creating new users, changing user passwords, or modifying Google Apps security settings. Google Docs activity logs contain information related to Google Documents, such as creation, modification, and/or access of Google Docs. Google Apps login events contain all login activity to your domain, including “Google Apps suspicious login” events. Read more

Amazon S3 Access Logs

Amazon S3 access logs enable customers to gain visibility into the S3 storage usage, including capturing the date/time of each access request and the source IP address of the request. Ensure that all access to your S3 resources is authorized. Perform reputation lookups on source IP addresses. With Nava SIEM Agent, you’ll be able to integrate S3 logs into your SIEM by simply creating another task within the product. Read more

Amazon CloudTrail

Amazon CloudTrail tracks every single API call within certain AWS services. You can enable the CloudTrail service in AWS to generate audit logs. Afterwards, Nava SIEM Agent is able to automatically forward your CloudTrail logs to SIEM solution or a log management server such as Syslog.  Read more

Automatic retrieval and synchronization of cloud audit trail logs

Automatically process your cloud logs from multiple different providers and multiple different accounts with the same provider. Configure the Nava SIEM Agent service to start automatically and the product will run whenever the system is started. Backed by an embedded database, Nava SIEM Agent keeps a record of every single event it has retrieved and is able to retrieve logs even when the destination is temporarily unavailable. Read more

Multiple logging targets and formats

Nava SIEM Agent is able to output the logs into Syslog and Windows event log format as well as a text-delimited format. Windows event logs can then be forwarded to a remote Syslog server using freely-available utilities. Additionally, SIEM solutions can be configured to retrieve logs from the Nava SIEM server. We support output in multiple formats allowing you flexibility in deciding which format to parse. Read more

Free Trial

You can download a fully-functional time-limited version of Nava SIEM Agent. You are able to run the product for a period of five days from the date of installation. Click the button below to begin your evaluation.

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If you’re a Google Apps reseller interested in partnering with us, please visit our Nava Solutions site.

More info? visit Nava SIEM Agent website.

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