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Nava Certus
Nava Certus

Nava Certus allows Google customers migrate windows file systems to Google Drive securely and quickly.
  • Centralized Migration: Migrate all files from a Windows fileserver to a single Google Apps account.
  • Distributed Migration: Distribute files back to their owners. Nava Certus identifies the owners of each file and migrates the file to the appropriate Google Apps account, while maintaining sharing permissions.
  • Accomplish your Google Drive Migration with ease, whether you’re migrating less than a gigabyte or multiple terabytes.
  • Free trial available.

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Nava SIEM Agent
Nava SIEM Agent

Enables any company to download their cloud-based service provider audit logs and send the logs to a log-management and/or SIEM service for further processing.

  • Import your cloud audit logs into your favorite SIEM solution.
  • Sources supported:
    • Google Apps Admin audit logs.
    • Google Docs access/modification logs.
    • And many more to come….

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