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Google Apps Standard

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Looking for Google Apps Standard? It is no longer available for new sign-ups. Related: Announcement from Google.
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Google Apps Standard Edition is a version of Google Apps offered for free for small businesses. Initially, this version of the product was available at no charge to businesses with less than 50 mailboxes. In 2011, eligibility for this product was changed and businesses with 10 mailboxes or less were allowed to use the product. As of December of 2012, Google Apps Standard is no longer available for new sign-ups.

Even though Google Apps Standard is no longer available for new users, if you had already signed up for this version prior to the change, then you can continue to use the product. Furthermore, Linkgard’s consulting services are available for users Google Apps Standard version users. If you need any Google Apps Deployment, Google Apps Migration, or other services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are you interested in a Google Apps for Business free trial? 100GB of free Google Drive migration credit included.

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