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Here’s what others are saying about Google Apps from Linkgard:

As a self-employed real estate agent, my business will not live without email!! After many years of operating from Gmail, my e-mails stopped coming into my Gmail account, and I had no idea what to do. Nothing I tried on my own seemed to work. After a few days, I realized it was not going to resolve and I had to find another solution. Someone advised that I should look in to switching over to Google Apps for Business, and I did some research online for what that entailed.

I had the good fortune to find Linkgard online, and they listened carefully to what I needed. In no time, my assistant and I were set up on Google Apps for Business.

– Melinda Flynn
Real Estate Professional

Linkgard did an excellent job helping us setup Google apps email services. In addition, they have helped us with server security issues. I highly recommend them.

– Pierre Zarokian

Linkgard helped me clear up a show-stopping website security breach for a stock trading firm in a matter of a few days. Linkgard’s knowledge of internet security and SEO is impressive, and they have up-to-date knowledge and services relating to Google Apps (and the latest developments therein) as well. I don’t bother researching these topics myself anymore. I contact Linkgard.

– Robert V.
Computer Expert
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