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Get ready for the Great XPiration

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Windows XP and Office 2003 End of Life Coming In...

What is happening?

  • On April 8, 2014 Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP and Office 2003.
  • No more security patches, no more fixes.
  • Office 2013 requires upgrading to Windows 7 or newer.
  • Newer versions of Windows may require newer hardware.
  • Moving to Office 2013 & Windows 7/8 will require significant training and change management, in other words IT resources.

Organizations that still run Windows XP after April 2014 need to ensure that their machines do not compromise valuable organization data or sensitive customer data.

– Gartner 2012


Step 1: Modernize your desktop

  • Identify machines that will not be upgraded before April 8, 2014.
  • Harden non-upgraded machines.
  • Deploy Chrome with Legacy support on non-upgraded machines.
  • Modern collaboration can be enabled instantly with the help of Google Apps.


“Deploying Chrome on XP and locking down the OS allowed us to mitigate the impending “XP end of life” while giving our users the best web experience.”

– Hans Ghekiere, Data Architect, Avery Dennison

Step 2: Free your data.

Deploy Google Drive/Docs
  • View older MS Office formats without requiring MS Office.
  • Google Drive will ensure data is not lost due to hardware problems.
  • Reduce load on main OS, possibly making XP run faster.

Google Apps - Liberate Your Data

Step 3: Work from Anywhere, Any OS, Any Time.

Chromebook, Chromebox, Chromecast

Deploy Chrome devices for web-centric users.
  • Reduce the number of things required to upgrade for web-centric users.
  • Security: Protect against viruses and other security threats.
  • Centrally manage and deploy, from the cloud.

Linkgard has you covered.

Let Linkgard help you survive and thrive. Your business transformation is just one free phone call away. In addition to being a Google Apps reseller and service provider, we also have a suite of tools that will make your migration to the cloud secure and efficient.

Nava Certus
Nava Certus enables migration to cloud storage. Designed for enterprises, it can be used to migrate your data to Google Drive. Two migration methods (centralized & distributed) ensure that any migration scenario is covered.

Nava SIEM Agent
Nava SIEM Agent gives you a holistic view of your threat landscape. Easily download and aggregate your logs at a central location. Detect & respond to intrusions that occur in the cloud. Comply with regulatory requirements.
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