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Google Apps, Google Drive, and Google Vault Pricing

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Want to know the cost of Google Apps, Google Drive pricing, or Google Vault pricing? Read on.
The Cost of <strong>Google Apps</strong>
Going Google Is Affordable!
  • Superior features, improving constantly. Same simple price.
  • More than 50% savings and 329% ROI.
  • Yearly commitment saves 20%.
  • Google business email cost is only $50/year.
  • Check out this article for Google Drive pricing and Google Vault pricing

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Linkgard’s Google Apps software subscriptions are straightforward and value specific. Our competitive price of Google Apps, categorized below, provides cost savings and long-term benefits to our valued customers:

  • Google Apps for Business Pricing – Linkgard’s Google Apps pricing is based on the number of users that your business requires. Hence, if you have 100 employees and all require access to email, then it would be wise to purchase 100 mailboxes, at the annual rate of $50 per mailbox user.
  • Cost of Google Apps Vault Subscription (Optional) – If your business requires email archiving or eDiscovery, consider adding a Google Apps Vault subscription, which is available for purchase separately.
  • Cost of Google Drive Storage Subscription (Extra Capacity) (Optional) – Each subscription of Google Apps for Business includes 30GB of storage per user (shared with Gmail). If your business or even a select group of employees require additional storage, Linkgard offers tiered pricing via our Google Drive storage subscription.

In addition to our value-driven pricing for Google Apps software, most large Google Apps implementations require professional services and support. As an authorized Google Apps reseller, Linkgard is capable of providing the full range of Google Apps solutions, including change management, deployment and migration services at competitive prices.

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Google Apps
Google Apps for Business provides a simple yet powerful suite of communication and collaboration tools that fits any organization, irrespective of size or stature. All solutions are securely hosted by Google, in order to reduce IT costs, minimize maintenance, and simplify setup.

The basic price of Google Apps for Business is $50/user/year. In addition to receiving 25GB of storage, your purchase will entitle you to the 99.9% availability guarantee, as well as professional 24/7 support for core Google Apps services, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive and Docs, Contacts, Google Groups for Business, Google Sites, Google Talk, Google Video, and Google Apps Vault (additional purchase required for the latter).

Further, a basic subscription will afford you access to a large set of additional Google Apps applications. All of the aforementioned services will be available to you for the reasonable price of $50/user/year. In addition to the intrinsic value of our product, as an authorized Google Apps reseller Linkgard is eager to offer value-added incentives, which differentiate us from other resellers.

  Annual Plan Monthly Plan
Contract 1 year Not required
Cost $50/user/year (Save $10/year) $5/user/month
User Maximum Unlimited Unlimited
Google Apps Pricing Table (November 1, 2012)
Google Apps Vault

Google Apps Vault adds advanced data management and information governance capabilities to Google Apps. As a next-generation archiving, retention, and eDiscovery solution, Google Apps Vault helps reduce risks associated with litigation, investigation, and internal and regulatory compliance. In addition to enabling compliance, Google Apps Vault lowers the volume of information stored in a basic Google Apps mailbox. Current major features of Google Apps Vault include:

  • Email archiving
  • Email and chat retention policies
  • Legal holds
  • Administrative tools & audit reports
  • Google Apps Vault eDiscovery and matters management
  Annual Plan Monthly Plan
Contract 1 year Not required
Cost $50/user/year (Save $10/year) + Basic Google Apps Yearly Subscription $5/user/month + Basic Google Apps Monthly Subscription
User Maximum Unlimited Unlimited
Google Apps Vault Pricing Table (November 1, 2012)
Google Apps for Education special pricing on Google Apps Vault.

Google Drive pricing
 Google Drive is an online storage platform integrated with web-based documents, spreadsheets, drawings and presentations, which allows users to edit the latest version of a given file simultaneously. Google Drive is also distinguished as an elastic yet centralized file-sharing solution, replacing the need to maintain costly and inflexible internal servers. All Google Apps for Business users receive 35GB of free storage as part of their quota that is shared between Google Drive and Gmail. Additional storage capacity is available at the reasonable rates listed below.
Storage Volume Monthly Price
20 GB $4.00
50 GB $7.50
200 GB $17.50
400 GB $35.00
1 TB $89.00
2 TB $179.00
4 TB $358.00
8 TB $716.00
16 TB $1,430.00
Google Drive Pricing (November 2012)
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Google Apps Cost Benefit Analysis

So how does Google Apps pricing stack up against other communication and collaboration solutions? We found that Google Apps is the most cost-efficient solution available on the market. Don’t take our word for it, see the results of a study by Forrester that took into account many factors that contribute to total ROI, including staffing and storage.

Google Apps Pricing - Cost Benefit Analysis

* Forrester’s Should Your Email Live in the Cloud? A Comparative Cost Analysis, January 5th, 2009

Total Cost of Google Apps Ownership

Whenever considering a new acquisition, companies must consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) or return on investment (ROI).  We’re happy to note that in a recent study by Forrester, the Google Apps ROI for large enterprises (18,000 employees) was calculated to be a staggering 329%, meaning that for every dollar invested an organization will recuperate more than 3 dollars. In addition, Forrester concluded that companies would break even on their Google Apps investment in 1.4 months. Feel free to check our Whitepaper section for more resources on how you can evaluate the ROI for your Google Apps investment.

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