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Google Apps Vault

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Archiving and eDiscovery

Google Apps Vault is an optional component of Google Apps and adds archiving, e-discovery and information governance capabilities for an additional $50/user/year.

  • Reduced litigation and compliance risks
  • Lower archiving/e-discovery costs
  • One integrated governance platform
  • Quick analysis and assessment
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Records Retention

Configure retention policies using a rich set of rules. Afterwards, policies are applied automatically to all chats and emails.
Electronic Discovery

Prepare your organization for litigation and compliance audits using Google Vault. Powerful search tools help IT administrators quickly find the relevant communication.
Email & Chat Archiving

Google Apps Vault archives emails and chats instantly, based on your policies. Policies are applied to messages prior to any possible inadvertent deletion.
Legal Hold

Place legal holds on users whenever necessary. When users delete messages they will be removed from the user's view but still available in the archive.

Export email and chat communications to standard formats for additional analysis and review by third parties. Vault uses the MBOX format.
Audit Trail

All activity in Google Apps vault is logged in order to preserve an audit trail. You can run reports, such as on message views, exports and more.

Better Information Governance

By moving to Google Apps Vault, your organization will reduce the costs associated with litigation and compliance audits. All of your e-communications can be searched and processed through one integrated interface as opposed to multiple possibly non-interoperable technologies. For an additional $50/user/year, you can augment the ability of your business to be prepared. 
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In-place Archival and Management of Communications

With Google Apps Vault, archiving doesn’t involve separate servers or systems.   Policies on governance are applied directly at the data store. Additionally, this reduces the risks associated with data movement and corruption. A detailed audit trail provides visibility and assurance across the data archive.
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Retention of Electronic Communication

Many companies and organizations are subject to regulations mandating the retention of eCommunications. With Vault, you can define standard retention policies for Gmail and chat messages. Messages that reach the end of the retention period are automatically disposed to ensure compliance with defined policies. Holds on messages ensure that messages are preserved beyond their expiry date, even if the retention period has passed. The automated expiry process is mindful of legal holds, messages with holds will not be deleted unless all holds are removed.
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Efficiently Locate Relevant Business Records

eDiscovery tools help legal professionals sift through mountains of data for specific information that is relevant to the case or investigation. Powerful Google search algorithms allow the user to search across the entire domain and produce quick results. Based on the results authorized users are able to define collections of messages and collaborate with external third parties. 
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Secure by Design

Security and reliability have been top concerns when designing Google Apps Vault. All communications with Google’s servers are encrypted. Messages are synchronously replicated to multiple servers, ensuring strong disaster recovery. Sharing controls ensure that only authorized users have access to Vault data. 
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