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Work from anywhere on any device at any time without compromising security. This is the power that is available at your fingertips when you buy Google Apps. Feel free to request a free trial or give us a call.

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Google <strong>Apps Reseller</strong>
As a Google Apps Authorized Reseller, Linkgard helps deliver the greatest value possible by applying our in-depth understanding of the product as well as our expertise in information security and software development.

Linkgard is a hub of innovation where we’re constantly developing new solutions to help customers move to the cloud securely and efficiently. Whether it is Nava Certus, our leading Google Drive migration tool or Nava SIEM Agent, for security and compliance, our commitment is to always find new ways to help improve your journey to the cloud.

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Google Apps for Business Cost

A simple price of of $50/user/year enables access to hundreds of apps, including:

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Google Apps Authorized Reseller
Bring Everyone Together
Google Apps Authorized Reseller/
Archiving and Compliance
Google Apps Authorized Reseller
True collaboration
Google Apps Authorized Reseller

Product Description

While there are hundreds of powerful apps built on top of a single platform (both from third parties and Google itself), the four core apps cover the majority of any business communication and collaboration workflow.



Google’s popular Gmail service is being embraced by more businesses. Benefits include:
  • 30 GB of storage per user (shared with Google Drive)
  • Strong spam filtering
  • Ability to work with BlackBerry and Outlook
  • SLA uptime guarantee of 99.9%

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Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a web-based calendar application that allows organizations and employees to stay organized, better manage the elusive time, and publish and share calendars and schedules. Google Calendar is integrated with your email system, providing maximum convenience and allowing you to accept meeting requests directly in email. With the mobile version of the app, you’re able to keep your schedules even while on the go.
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Drive & Docs

Google Drive

Google Drive provides cloud-based storage for each Google Apps user. Store any files you want, access them from anywhere. Native Google Apps formats such as documents, spreadsheets, drawings and presentations allow users edit the same file at the same time so you always have the latest version. Read More Check out Google Drive pricing page for more info about pricing.


Google Sites

With Google Sites, you are able to create secure web sites for intranets, team projects, and for your entire company. Granular permissions allow you to restrict access to individual pages.

You don’t need to know any coding or HTML in order to produce rich and integrated Google Sites. Read More


Google Plus

Google+ is a full-featured social networking component of Google Apps, with a growing set of features targeted towards businesses. Integration with Gmail allows you to share news and tips directly from Gmail. Google+ contains a popular video conferencing app, Hangout, for quick and effective video-collaboration.

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