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Founded in 2004 by IT security experts, LinkGard helps companies develop leading software products, secure their data, take full advantage of cloud computing, and maximize their investments in IT. LinkGard’s team of software engineers, security experts, and consultants are veritable assets for customers’ evolving strategies to grow their businesses. LinkGard is always at the forefront of new technologies and helps customers integrate and use these technologies without compromising security.

Our Services

LinkGard’s multi-faceted services span the range of IT management and adoption lifecycles, to meet the requirements of any small business or enterprise. Our experts’ comprehensive and industry-proven backgrounds allows us to deliver all of our services around one central theme: security.

  • Software Product Development: We help our customers develop award-winning software. Whether this software is developed for custom use or marketed as a retail product, LinkGard will help you develop, launch and maintain your proprietary product. Read more…
  • Information Security: We secure networks and test networks. We help develop a workable strategy and implement it, flawlessly. Read more…
  • Cloud Computing and Google Apps: As IT geeks, our heads may be up in the clouds, but our feet are firmly planted on the ground! Our customers get the all the benefits of cloud technologies, minus the hype. Read more…

Our Mission

We deliver seamless global IT service, through our passionate, results-oriented team. We bring integrity to any project, allowing our customers to feel secure, knowing they’ve received the best solution and value. We enjoy our global reach and happily accommodate our customers’ time zone requirements. Our work is timely, transparent and secure.


  • We are the guardians of our customers’ data; We protect their data like our own.
  • Our pristine reputation finds us our next customer.
  • As a small company, customers know each of us by name, reap the benefits of our values, vision and consider us to be part of their family. We hold this role sacred.
  • We have happy employees because we understand that happy employees provide better products and service.
  • Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction is not just a slogan. We stand by our work and shall not consider a task complete until the customer deems it so.
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