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Neutron Drive: Cloud-based code editor with realtime collaboration

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The promise of virtual pair programming is here.
Neutron Drive
If anyone has ever tried to implement pair-programming and/or code-review sessions, then you know how complicated of a task it can be. At Linkgard we went to great length to enable pair programming, including designing special furniture and hardware configurations. With Neutron Drive, we don’t need either.

Powered by Google Drive and its realtime API, Neutron Drive enables seamless realtime collaboration in a completely cloud-based environment. Your employees can be in different locations in different time zones, yet collaborate like never before. For those who are concerned with putting their code in the public cloud, Neutron Drive Pro also has the capability to work with files on your private server.

True, Neutron Drive is not a full-blown IDE yet. It would be interesting to see future developments of the product, including the possibility of debugging and building your code directly in the product. On the other hand, the developers of Neutron Drive may provide very loose integration with 3rd party code thus allowing people to build on top of it and add various integrations themselves.

The software already supports a variety of programming languages, including: C, C++, C#, CSS, Go, Html, Java, Javascript, JSON, PHP, Perl, and many more. Check out this video and if you like what you see go and visit them at the following url:

Planning a migration to Google Drive? We may have a solution for you: Nava Certus.
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