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Google Drive rocks with AODocs

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In these series of blog posts, we will list reasons why we think Google Drive rocks! Have your own story? Why not share it on your favorite social network? Use the #googledriverocks hashtag.
The folks at Altirnao are on to something interesting. With AODocs, Altirnao aims to bring traditional features of enterprise content management to Google Dive. Watch the video below to get a visual overview of how the product works.

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Google Drive and Docs are a great way to share content and collaborate online. Google’s sharing model allows you to share a document with one or more people. Yet, certain organizations require a finer-grained permissions or they may have a workflow that they want to impose on certain documents.

Google Drive cannot possibly meet all forms of requirements, but the beauty is that they don’t have to. It is designed as a platform, with an API allowing different forms of integration and this is where AODocs comes in.

AODocs Core Features

AODocs espouses the following features:

  • Integration with Google Apps: The product is installed from the Google Apps marketplace and otherwise claims to be fully support Gmail, Google Sites, and Google Drive itself.
  • Security: AODocs extends the permission model of Google Drive. A central user, the AODocs user, owns all files managed by the AODocs software. Through this method, the software is able to apply fine-grained workflow-based permissions to your documents. In addition, all activities are stored as part of an audit log.
  • Easy Workflow: The biggest selling point for us is the ability to create workflows to control the document’s life cycle. AODocs even comes with built-in templates for frequently used workflows.
  • Cost-Effective Storage: Since AODocs is based on Google Drive, it offers the same cost-effective storage as the Drive product itself. Organizations that are looking to reduce expenditures but in the past were not happy with Drive’s default sharing/permissions model can give AODocs a try.
We’re actually surprised at how featureful the product is today. One ingenious feature is the ability to edit MS Office docs, with full versioning. For instance, in the video on the right, you can see the how the Excel integration works.

Thus, if you have more complex sharing needs then you should check out AODocs. They do have a 30 day free trial.

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