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Google Apps Vault: Upcoming features & Education support

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Google Apps is free for education customers and many educational institutions are already enjoying this great benefit. If your institution is on Google Apps, then you may also be interested in learning about Google Apps Vault.

There are many reasons organizations should use email archiving and eDiscovery, including:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Public universities and school districts may fall under state and/or federal regulations around records retention. 
  • Legal discovery: An eDiscovery system helps staff effectively search for archived content. In the case of Google Apps Vault, Google’s powerful algorithms come into play in searching and retrieving data.
  • Monitoring of Email Content. Organizational policies may require archival of eCommunications in order to comply with internal security policies around data loss and employee policies.

If you’d like to learn more about Google Apps Vault, here is an informative webinar recording.

The webinar also touches on upcoming improvements to Vault, which include:

  • Archival of Google Docs/Drive, not just email & chats
  • Targeted legal hold
  • Vault retention labels
  • Partial domain licensing
Can we help you with Google Apps Vault?

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  • Preston Fitzgerald

    I’ve seen a couple of references to drive support coming to Vault in the second half of ’13. Anybody know any more detail about where this feature release is the pipeline?

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