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Google Apps Security: Join the Community on Google Plus

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If you’re a Google Apps administrator or even a user, you may at times have questions, concerns or suggestions on Google Apps security.

Why not join the “Google Apps Security” group in Google+ then? We’re here to help inform you and and we’ll try to do our best to leave no question unanswered. Join the community today. Click on the logo to join.

Google Apps Security

Google Apps Security Community on Google+

If you’ve found this blog, then you’re already in luck since we try to provide adequate coverage of Google Apps security in this blog. Whether you’re interested in authentication, security policies, or audit logs, we have material that you’ll find interesting. Here are some articles to get you started:

Google Apps vs. Office 365: Two Factor Authentication
Google Apps vs Office 365: Audit Logs
– Google Apps Security and Privacy
– Download Google Apps Security Whitepaper

Also, you may enjoy the following video:

Two-factor Authentication in Google Apps

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