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The Flipped Classroom – Using Google Apps for Education

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Google Apps for Education
It is beyond any doubt that technology has deeply impacted teaching, even in the most remote parts of the world. In fact, in many parts of the Western world, schools and educational institutions are already incorporating computers and computing resources as an integral part of the delivery of their curriculum. Flip teaching is one of the terms used to describe this form of learning, where instructor-led and computer-delivered training are blended so that a teacher can spend more time interacting with students instead of one-way lecturing.

Google Apps for Education is an ideal tool for flip teaching. As a brief introduction, Google Apps for Education provides a set of communication and collaboration tools available for free to qualified educational institutions. Among the technologies that comprise Google Apps are:

  • Gmail: Google’s ubiquitous email that is actually “more than email”. Powerful anti-spam features, 25GB of inbox space, and 99.9% uptime SLA are just some of the features offered by Google. All this, without ads for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Calendar: Google’s calendar is well integrated with Gmail and other Google products. It can allow students and teachers to schedule lessons and meetings. Calendars can be shared with school-wide or with select groups of individuals.
  • Drive: Google Drive allows users to create spreadsheets, documents, and presentations that can be easily shared. The presentation in this post is actually a Google Slides presentation.
  • Sites: Google Sites allows allows instructors and staff to easily build interactive sites, all without delving into code.
  • Google Moderator: One of the lesser known products from Google, Moderator is a perfect question and answer tool. Students can vote on questions that they are interested in providing additional insight for the instructor.
  • Youtube: The popular website for video delivery is perfectly suited for delivery of educational videos.

Here is an great presentation on flip teaching using Google Apps by Bruno Reddy. The presentation itself can be considered a demonstration of Google Apps since it is a Google presentation that allows any website to embed the content (assuming the right permissions are given).

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