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Google Drive Migration

Nava Certus allows Google Apps customers to migrate files from their local computer or file server to cloud storage, such as Google Drive and Amazon S3. Whether you are an administrator/consultant migrating files for thousands of users or a single user wishing to migrate their own files, you can count on Nava Certus to do the job. Try Nava Certus for your next Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, or Amazon S3 migration project.

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Migrate to Google Drive

Migrate your files to Google Drive with ease, speed, and flexibility. After the migration, re-purpose your file server hardware or retire it to save costs!
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Google Drive Migration
Migrate to Amazon S3

Amazon S3 migration allows you to seamlessly transfer your file server to Amazon S3, with support for permission mapping and integrity checking.

File Server (NTFS)
Google Drive
Amazon S3
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft Sharepoint
Attributes & Hierarchy

Preserves the filesystem hierarchy and permissions of each file. If a user had read access before, he will have read access after the migration. Nava Certus also supports preservation of file modification times.

File Server (NTFS)
Google Drive
Amazon S3
Google Cloud Storage
Intuitive GUI

Simply download and run the installer. Our intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface will allow you to start your migration and move to Google Drive in no time.
Other Sources*

We also support migration from the following sources, such as: Microsoft Skydrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox,, and Nuxeo.
Advanced Usage

Feel more comfortable with scripting and automation? Using Nava Certus' integrated Tcl interpreter, you can create migration tasks and monitor your migration in an automated manner.

Informational reports are geared towards all types of users. From simply determining how data was migrated so far, to a full accounting of every single file, we can satisfy any reporting requirement.

In Centralized migration, files are moved to a single Google Drive account. In a distributed migration, each file is moved to the owner's Google Drive account.
Security & Integrity

Files are securely moved from your server to Google Drive, without intermediary servers. Cryptographic hashes ensure that the destination content is unaltered.


Free Trial Available: Up to 1GB

After downloading Nava Certus, you will have a 5 day trial license. License is granted per GBs of data migrated. You will be able to create and configure migration jobs and run them for a limit of 1 GB. In order to be able to migrate more than 1 GBs of data first you need to carefully evaluate the overall amount of data you are planning to migrate from all of the sources and then purchase the license amount according to your needs.

After your trial, or immediately after you download the software, you are able to purchase the product through the software. Check our Pricing Page for financial details.

Download Free Trial

* For limited migrations above (Skydrive, Dropbox, etc…), we do not support permission/ownership transfer and may require 3rd party software. Additionally, only the “Centralized” scenario is supported. Please contact support for details. In future releases, we will be introducing native migration support, allowing for migration of permissions and distribution.
If you’re a Google Apps reseller interested in partnering with us, please visit our Nava Solutions site:

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